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Me and my friends used to sing this at recess.

Who started this?

Elementary school jam


Odd Future talking about Frank Ocean

Tyler:Most people think that since he sings,he's the more mature one,that he wouldn't really fuck with a bunch of dumb young niggas and shit.
Interviewer:Is he older than y'all?
Tyler:Yeah. He's the wise one. He does old nigga shit, like,eatin yogurt,and bread.
Domo:Yogurt ain't that old.
Tyler:Fine like oatmeal. The one with no flavor though.
Domo:Yeah that's old nigga shit.
Tyler:And Frank might kill me for this,but, that nigga eats Pop-Tarts with no icing
Domo:That shit's like a Bread-Tart
Tyler:It's like bread with fruit. Like that nigga put an apple with bread and ate it.
Domo:Where does he find that. He orders that shit off the internet.
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